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Beaglebone arrives

Along with some other stuff I ordererd, my Beaglebone arrived a couple of days ago.  🙂

The thing that amazed me straight away is that is actually IS credit card sized. It is not just a marketing trick. I had a small tin box laying around (one of those mint boxes) and the beaglebone fits right in.

I hooked it up over USB to my computer, installed the drivers and I got started with cloud9 and bonescript. Runing the beaglebone over USB is not what I really plan to do that much, but it is good to know it is there when needed. My plan is to run the beaglebone more as miniPC, connected to the television in the living room. Therefore I also bought a 5V adapter and a miniHDMI to HDMI cable.  The power adapter in my case is strong enough to power the beaglebone, an USB hub, keyboard and mouse. I was afraid I should use a powered USB adapter, but luckily it turns out I don’t have to.

Our television is a ‘smart TV’ .The smart functionality actually came as an extra: we picked this TV for some other reasons and it happend to be a smart TV. I am actually not so much impressed by the smart capabilities of the TV, so I don’t feel bad taking its ethernet connection and giving it to the beaglebone.

I’m sure the developers of the Beaglebone have plenty of reasons to pick Angstrom as the main OS, but I prefer debian. Next up: installing debian.