It’s time to blog.

Just the other day I have bought myself a beaglebone black (link). Why? Mostly for the fun of it. It is a €45,- mini computer, capable of running a full linux distribution and you can more or less use it as a home computer.  But that is not the main goal for me. I wanted a small and cheap computer like that to tinker with. (Please note: I’m a Mac-users for years now and the sad thing about Macs is that they just work: there is nothing to tinker with).

In the past I have done a couple of DIY electronics projects (not that fancy though) and I have done my share of programming. In my work as a noise specialist (link), I do a lot of data analysis, scripting and programming. Off course it happens that you’re getting stuck on some issue that you can’t fix straight away and then you’ll start googling for an answer. It is quite likely that you stumble upon a blog that offers the solution, or at least a direction to continue your quest. In short: I am grateful to all the other people out there that run a blog and thereby help me to fix my problem. This blog is my return gift to the community. I don’t expect my blog to offer a solution to all the people all of the time, but I would be happy if it helps some people some of the time.


The content of this blog will mainly govern technical stuff, ranging from beagleboard stuff, DIY electronics, programming and scripting, general computer things and everything else that has my interest. Don’t hold back on dropping me a line or leave a comment. Thank!




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